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Nicholas Bame, Owner

Based in Hephzibah, Georgia, Nick has been providing woodworking services for years. After discovering his passion while refinishing furniture, Nick decided to start Rhino Woodworking to create exceptional wood features for people. Detail-oriented and precise, when you hire us to build or repair your wood features, you can count on us to deliver exceptional, polished results. 
We tackle projects of all sizes. Our woodworking services in the Augusta, Georgia area include:
Don't Settle for Poor Workmanship
Wood trim and accents (or accent features) make beautiful upgrades to any home. Hire a carpenter who won't rest until your additions are built perfectly. Rhino Woodworking can build, install, and repair any wooden fixtures you could ever dream of, from decks and gazebos to custom barn doors, we do it all. We'll take care to construct your new features according to the highest industry standards to exceed your expectations. 

Call 706-524-1674 now to get a free estimate on woodworking services in Hephzibah and Augusta, Georgia. We serve the entire Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).
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